The BlackBerry Storm App Store

Sunday, January 4, 2009 ·

On my previous blog Must Have Free BlackBerry Storm Applications I listed few applications that are available from 3rd party developers. As of this writing, applications for the BlackBerry Storm compared to the iphone are scarce. However, RIM (research in motion) announced in October 2008, the upcoming launch of BlackBerry Application Storefront and BlackBerry Application Center. The launch is scheduled for March 2009; the move is yet another step in competing with iPhone and its popular Apps Store.

The BlackBerry Storm Application StoreFront will include free applications as well as paid applications. Developers will share the revenue with the store on 80-20 percent plan. Comparing this to the iPhone, ITunes Apps Store keeps 30 percent and pays the developers 70 percent of the revenue. I think the higher cut that the developers will get from Blackberry will encourage them to lower their prices to the buyers; also it will be an incentive to attract more developers.

Some applications will be carrier customized that will offer a convenient catalog right on the BlackBerry device, where customers can browse and download the applications. They will also be able to pay for these applications conveniently with PayPal from their Blackberry Smartphone.

To keep up with the latest news regarding the launch of the BlackBerry Storm Application StoreFront, please visit this blog back or sign up at the Blackberry’s web Site.

I have seen and used some applications for the iPhone, my favorite so far is the Google voice search, where you speak your search words or phrase. What BlackBerry Storm Applications would you like to have available for your phone?. Please share your wish list in the comment section below.


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