Safe Mode For the BlackBerry Storm

Friday, January 30, 2009 ·

Microsoft Windows user are no strangers to the “Safe Mode” operating system, it basically loads the main OS without 3rd party drivers or applications. Like The PC, the BlackBerry Storm might also suffer from sluggishness caused by improper 3rd party applications. Luckily the Blackberry Storm 9530 has “Safe Mode” in their latest OS. now you have the option to disable 3rd party applications from running if they start giving you problems.

To start in Safe Mode: 

  • take the battery out and then reinsert  it.
  • Wait for the red status LED light to to go off.
  • Press and hold the Back or Escape key, it is the key with the bent Arrow
  • You will see this dialog Box. Just press OK.









To go back to normal Mode just Remove and reinstall the battery and wait for the device to start.

The “safe Mode” for the BlackBerry Storm  is especially handy if you upgrade to a new operating system and your favorite application is not compatible with the new OS. Just disable the application in safe mode until you get the new version.


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