PDF Reader For The Blackberry Storm

Friday, December 26, 2008 ·

There are so many questions about a PDF reader for the BlackBerry Storm. Let me try to explain what I have discovered so far. By default, the storm does not have a PDF reader installed; however you can still view PDF files when they are attached to an E-Mail. This is not the case when the PDF file is on the web or stored on the SD card. In order to open these files, you will need a 3rd party PDF reader.

There are several PDF readers for the Blackberry Storm, some are free and some are paid. BeamReader is the free reader I found from BeamBerry, it is still in Beta stage and it might have some bugs and glitches, but it is worth a try. Also in Beta, is the iSilo 5.05. iSilo is a highly versatile document reader that supports various file types and formats.

The most reliable pdf reader for the blackberry storm is from DataViz, they are the maker of Documents ToGgo. Word ToGo, SheetTo Go and Slideshow ToGo are included in the phone, however to get the PDF reader, you need to upgrade to the Premium Edition. Just open any Doc To Go Application inside the applications folder (Word To Go, Sheet To Go or Slideshow To Go) and choose Upgrade from the Menu.
RepliGo is another commercial Reader that supports multiple file formats, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, CSV and zip archive. You can download a Trial Version from their site.

If you find any other PDF reader/viewer for the BlackBerry Storm, Please share in the comments section below.


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