Blackberry Storm Free Applications – StormSketch

Monday, February 23, 2009 · 0 comments

These days Free BlackBerry Storm Applications are becoming abundant rather than scares. Here is yet another free application for those who grow up with an Etch A Sketch as their favorite childhood toy. For those who do not know what an Etch A Sketch Is. It is a thick grey screen housed in a plastic red frame with two small rotating knobs on each side, the screen is filled with an aluminum powder that get displaced as you turn the left or the right knobs, hence creating a masterpiece drawing. stormsketchmedium.jpgThis new free blackberry storm application is the electronic version of the favorite toy. To start drawing just use your fingers on the screen to draw your masterpiece. When it’s time to erase and start over just shake your blackberry storm to clear the screen. This free blackberry storm application brought some nice childhood memories. for some this might sounds a silly application, especially if they never played with such a toy, however I guarantee you will get hooked to it if you try it once. Go ahead download the StormSketch And enjoy this free blackberry storm applications. 

Pimp My BlackBerry Storm

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If you are among the few lucky people who have received their BlackBerry Storm by now, then you probably are looking for ways to improve the look and the functionality of your new phone. In this blog I will discuss how you can protect your Storm from everyday accidental scratches and chips, and additionally how and where to get third party applications and contents to spruce up your phone.

My first concern was that this phone looked and felt more fragile than my previous phones, and for $ 250.00 investment I had to protect it from chips and scratches. On my previous Palm Treo I had the invisibleSHIELD  which did a very nice job in keeping the phone looking new for over two years.

The invisibleSHIELDis only .2 millimeters thick, making it the slimmest Blackberry Storm skin or cover of its kind. It applies directly to your phone, providing the toughest, most durable protection you will find. The invisibleSHIELD has its origins in the military, where it was used to protect high-speed helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris. Now you can use that same powerful technology to protect your new investment.

Although the video shows the iphone, but they also carry the product for the Blackberry Storm as well as other phones.You can visit them at
After using so many cases for storing and carrying my previous phones. I finally decided on one type. Some call it the Sandwich case, I call it the Pouch. It is a top loading design which provides easy access; the phone is basically sandwiched between neoprene covers, it has elastic sides to insure that the phone is held securely. A strong belt clip secures the phone to your belt. However I seen many people put the phone and the case in their pockets instead of clipping it on their belts. The best design I found is from they call it the Sandwich Carrying Case For BlackBerry Storm (9530) .

Sandwich Carrying Case For BlackBerry Storm (9530) 
Now that you protected your new Blackberry Storm phone, let’s add some applications and multimedia. Like the iphone “apps store”, BlackBerry launched their application center, where you can download third party application right from your phone. These applications are carrier specific. Your wireless network provider will add new applications as they become available. Some of the included applications with Verizon are Facebook and Flickr. However you can also download applications and more directly from the blackberry store, just visit from your smartphone’s browser. This is your mobile destination for everything you need to personalize your Blackberry Storm. From Wallpapers, ringtones and themes to games, applications and software.

In my upcoming blog I will share with you some of my favorite add-on applications for the blackberry Storm and some of the free stuff you can download. Please stay tuned.

Poynt - Blackberry Storm Free Application

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It looks like the local search category is the most popular amongst application developers for the blackberry storm. Poynt is yet another free local search application based on the built-in GPS of your blackberry storm. It is an all-in-one local search tool that gives you way more than an address and phone number!  Your search results will be shown on an interactive map, you will even get turn-by-turn driving directions, also you will be able to see movie show times, watch trailers and buy tickets all on Poynt.

Officially it is not released yet for the blackberry storm. if you go to Mypoynt you you will see that it is only available for the Curve 8900 and Pearl flip phones. However the guys at crackberry were nice enough to provide the link for the storm version. just point your browser to to download it to your phone.

I did test drive this free application today,I think  this one is a keeper. I liked it more than the previous application, Berry411. My favorite features is the ability to watch movie trailers and find out local theatres and showtimes. One important tip for you guys, just make sure your GPS setting is enabled in Options menu. you need to switch GPS Service to "Location On" from "E911". and also you need to be outdoors since there is no GPS signals indoors. a big thumbs up for yet another free blackberry storm application. Please let me know what you think.

Beyond411 Another Free Application for the BlackBerry Storm

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It has been over two month now since the release of the much anticipated BlackBerry Storm from RIM. One of the main complaint is the lack of paid or free applications for this device. However it looks like software developers are busy writing new applications for the Storm and some are even modifying existing BlackBerry apps to support the Storm.

One such App is Beyond411, Formally known as the Berry411. It was available for other BlackBerry devices since last year. However a new version was just released this week that supports the Storm. It is a local search apps using the built in GPS for pinpointing exact locations and getting directions.Beyond411 Search Results on BlackBerry Storm You just set your Home or office location or use the GPS to find your Current location, then just type what you’re searching for. The Application will then provide a listing of the best matches in your area. It will also calculate driving directions using the built in GPS of the BlackBerry Storm.

Key Features of Beyond 411 includes address book integration where you can add the search results into your address book. Also the ability to search for best prices on items locally using the Yokel Shopping Search. it is fast efficient search that will provide instant access to yahoo yellow pages, maps and driving directions.

So here is another free application for the BlackBerry Storm until the official launch of the BlackBerry Applications StoreFront, which is scheduled for March 2009

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