E-Guide To The BlackBerry Storm: BlackBerry Storm Games – Nintaii#links

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E-Guide To The BlackBerry Storm: BlackBerry Storm Games – Nintaii#links

BlackBerry Storm Games – Nintaii

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Besides all the free and paid BlackBerry Storm Applications, new games are being developed to take advantage of the touchscreen and accelerometer of the Blackberry Storm.

Nintaii is a 3D Puzzle game that you have to roll a block through a certain path, avoiding obstacles and traps along the way until you reach the end, then you move to the next level, The game consists of 100 levels. Frankly, I did not care that much about this game. You can watch the video and decide for yourself.

Nintaii is developed by Mobigloo and it costs $ 9.99 for the full version. You can also download a trial version of the software.

Blackberry Storm Free Applications – StormSketch

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These days Free BlackBerry Storm Applications are becoming abundant rather than scares. Here is yet another free application for those who grow up with an Etch A Sketch as their favorite childhood toy. For those who do not know what an Etch A Sketch Is. It is a thick grey screen housed in a plastic red frame with two small rotating knobs on each side, the screen is filled with an aluminum powder that get displaced as you turn the left or the right knobs, hence creating a masterpiece drawing. stormsketchmedium.jpgThis new free blackberry storm application is the electronic version of the favorite toy. To start drawing just use your fingers on the screen to draw your masterpiece. When it’s time to erase and start over just shake your blackberry storm to clear the screen. This free blackberry storm application brought some nice childhood memories. for some this might sounds a silly application, especially if they never played with such a toy, however I guarantee you will get hooked to it if you try it once. Go ahead download the StormSketch And enjoy this free blackberry storm applications. 

Pimp My BlackBerry Storm

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If you are among the few lucky people who have received their BlackBerry Storm by now, then you probably are looking for ways to improve the look and the functionality of your new phone. In this blog I will discuss how you can protect your Storm from everyday accidental scratches and chips, and additionally how and where to get third party applications and contents to spruce up your phone.

My first concern was that this phone looked and felt more fragile than my previous phones, and for $ 250.00 investment I had to protect it from chips and scratches. On my previous Palm Treo I had the invisibleSHIELD  which did a very nice job in keeping the phone looking new for over two years.

The invisibleSHIELDis only .2 millimeters thick, making it the slimmest Blackberry Storm skin or cover of its kind. It applies directly to your phone, providing the toughest, most durable protection you will find. The invisibleSHIELD has its origins in the military, where it was used to protect high-speed helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris. Now you can use that same powerful technology to protect your new investment.

Although the video shows the iphone, but they also carry the product for the Blackberry Storm as well as other phones.You can visit them at www.zagg.com
After using so many cases for storing and carrying my previous phones. I finally decided on one type. Some call it the Sandwich case, I call it the Pouch. It is a top loading design which provides easy access; the phone is basically sandwiched between neoprene covers, it has elastic sides to insure that the phone is held securely. A strong belt clip secures the phone to your belt. However I seen many people put the phone and the case in their pockets instead of clipping it on their belts. The best design I found is from www.cellphoneshop.net they call it the Sandwich Carrying Case For BlackBerry Storm (9530) .

Sandwich Carrying Case For BlackBerry Storm (9530) 
Now that you protected your new Blackberry Storm phone, let’s add some applications and multimedia. Like the iphone “apps store”, BlackBerry launched their application center, where you can download third party application right from your phone. These applications are carrier specific. Your wireless network provider will add new applications as they become available. Some of the included applications with Verizon are Facebook and Flickr. However you can also download applications and more directly from the blackberry store, just visit mobile.blackberry.com from your smartphone’s browser. This is your mobile destination for everything you need to personalize your Blackberry Storm. From Wallpapers, ringtones and themes to games, applications and software.

In my upcoming blog I will share with you some of my favorite add-on applications for the blackberry Storm and some of the free stuff you can download. Please stay tuned.

Poynt - Blackberry Storm Free Application

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It looks like the local search category is the most popular amongst application developers for the blackberry storm. Poynt is yet another free local search application based on the built-in GPS of your blackberry storm. It is an all-in-one local search tool that gives you way more than an address and phone number!  Your search results will be shown on an interactive map, you will even get turn-by-turn driving directions, also you will be able to see movie show times, watch trailers and buy tickets all on Poynt.

Officially it is not released yet for the blackberry storm. if you go to Mypoynt you you will see that it is only available for the Curve 8900 and Pearl flip phones. However the guys at crackberry were nice enough to provide the link for the storm version. just point your browser to m.mypoynt.com/crackberry/storm to download it to your phone.

I did test drive this free application today,I think  this one is a keeper. I liked it more than the previous application, Berry411. My favorite features is the ability to watch movie trailers and find out local theatres and showtimes. One important tip for you guys, just make sure your GPS setting is enabled in Options menu. you need to switch GPS Service to "Location On" from "E911". and also you need to be outdoors since there is no GPS signals indoors. a big thumbs up for yet another free blackberry storm application. Please let me know what you think.

Beyond411 Another Free Application for the BlackBerry Storm

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It has been over two month now since the release of the much anticipated BlackBerry Storm from RIM. One of the main complaint is the lack of paid or free applications for this device. However it looks like software developers are busy writing new applications for the Storm and some are even modifying existing BlackBerry apps to support the Storm.

One such App is Beyond411, Formally known as the Berry411. It was available for other BlackBerry devices since last year. However a new version was just released this week that supports the Storm. It is a local search apps using the built in GPS for pinpointing exact locations and getting directions.Beyond411 Search Results on BlackBerry Storm You just set your Home or office location or use the GPS to find your Current location, then just type what you’re searching for. The Application will then provide a listing of the best matches in your area. It will also calculate driving directions using the built in GPS of the BlackBerry Storm.

Key Features of Beyond 411 includes address book integration where you can add the search results into your address book. Also the ability to search for best prices on items locally using the Yokel Shopping Search. it is fast efficient search that will provide instant access to yahoo yellow pages, maps and driving directions.

So here is another free application for the BlackBerry Storm until the official launch of the BlackBerry Applications StoreFront, which is scheduled for March 2009

Safe Mode For the BlackBerry Storm

Friday, January 30, 2009 · 0 comments

Microsoft Windows user are no strangers to the “Safe Mode” operating system, it basically loads the main OS without 3rd party drivers or applications. Like The PC, the BlackBerry Storm might also suffer from sluggishness caused by improper 3rd party applications. Luckily the Blackberry Storm 9530 has “Safe Mode” in their latest OS. now you have the option to disable 3rd party applications from running if they start giving you problems.

To start in Safe Mode: 

  • take the battery out and then reinsert  it.
  • Wait for the red status LED light to to go off.
  • Press and hold the Back or Escape key, it is the key with the bent Arrow
  • You will see this dialog Box. Just press OK.









To go back to normal Mode just Remove and reinstall the battery and wait for the device to start.

The “safe Mode” for the BlackBerry Storm  is especially handy if you upgrade to a new operating system and your favorite application is not compatible with the new OS. Just disable the application in safe mode until you get the new version.

BlackBerry Storm Paid Applications

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 · 0 comments

In my previous posts, Must Have Free BlackBerry Storm Applications and More BlackBerry Storm Free Applications, I experimented with few of the free applications available for my phone. In this post, I would like to tell you about some paid applications that I Installed and some that I am reviewing.

I always wanted to store and organize all my passwords and sensitive data into one place that was secure and easily accessible. On my Treo I had installed SplashID. I used it to store all my credit card information, user names and passwords for different web site logins, and account numbers and passwords for various membership organizations and financial institutions.  Although SplashID is available for the blackberry, it is not available for the Storm yet.

The alternative for me was Ascendo DataVault.

DataVault  is the most complete Critical Data Manager for the BlackBerry Storm. It has easily surpassed my previous applications I used on my Treo. It protects all private and personal data using a strong encryption algorithm and complex security features. You can organize the data by categories or types for easy access. You can customize the fonts, templates and data fields to your liking. The best part is that you can enter all your data on the PC with the included Desktop software and then transfer it to your device. You can download a trial copy and decide whether you like it or not. For me this  definitely ranks top in my must have blackberry storm paid applications list.


My second discovery in the paid blackberry Storm applications category is QuickLaunch by Nikkisoft. It  will create shortcuts to your most used applications on your device, so you can open and switch between them easily. QuickLaunch is designed exclusively for the BlackBerry Storm and it allows you to set shortcuts for a wide range of functions and QLaunchapplications.  You can assign one of the convenience keys to launch the application. When you press the assigned convenience key, a menu will pop up showing all the shortcuts you have created. You will never need to navigate through the folders and menus anymore to lunch a specific application or function; every single application will be available in one scrollable screen. You can create shortcuts for Favorite websites, frequently used Email addresses, music files, various applications and device information. I changed my camera convenience key to activate QuickLaunch, and let me tell you it enhanced the user interface 10 fold. It supercharged my device. In my opinion this should have been part of the BlackBerry’s OS, but I cannot complain because it is only $4.99, and now it is in position number 2 of the must have blackberry storm paid applications list.

More BlackBerry Storm Free Applications

Friday, January 16, 2009 · 1 comments

As I mentioned in my previous post, Must Have Free BlackBerry Storm Applications, I wanted to experiment with new paid commercial applications. Since then, I have discovered new free applications that are worth mentioning here. I will leave the Paid applications for a future posts.

When I had My Palm Treo, one of the most annoying things I had to endure is the touch screen remaining active during a call. I hoped I won’t have this problem with my new storm. As you all (current storm users) know by now, we are plagued by the same annoyance. During a call, we accidentally mute or activate the speakerphone with our cheeks. I spent too much time trying to find a setting that will lock the screen, There was no such setting. It was really frustrating until I found Talk Lock, a little free application developed by Cellavant who is a custom mobile software publisher. imageTalk lock will basically lock your phone about 2 seconds after you receive or make a call. The screen will look like the image to the left, a background picture with the call info and a slider to unlock the screen just in case you need to activate the speakerphone or the mute button. If you want to lock the screen again, just hit Menu > lock screen during a call and you are locked. it is still in BETA development, but I have not had any problems with it. I am very pleased with this one, it should be on my other post Must Have Free BlackBerry Storm Applications.

Some of my readers recommended Viigo, another free RSS reader. It delivers to your phone wide range of customizable contents and services form around the world. it is not your simple RSS Feed, it delivers news, sports, live scores, weather, stocks, finance, podcasts and blogs in one application. One of the cool features is that you can scroll through stories in the feed just by swiping your finger across the BlackBerry Storm screen. Taking advantage of the accelerometer, you can read the news both in landscape or portrait modes. This application is also in BETA Stages for the BlackBerry Storm, I experienced an intermittent freezes when going back to previous screens, but it is worth that little annoyance for an application so rich in contents and services. just point your Storm browser to GetViigo for your free download.

My last gem is YouTube. Although the blackberry storm is capable of playing YouTube clips through the web browser, the experience with a dedicated application is much better. With this application you can upload videos directly from your blackberry storm, share and rate and access your recommended and favorite videos. you can get the current client from Google. And yes Google is the parent company of YouTube.

If you come across other free applications for the blackberry storm, or you would like to share your opinion with us regarding the above applications, please post your suggestions in the comments area of this post.

The BlackBerry Storm App Store

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On my previous blog Must Have Free BlackBerry Storm Applications I listed few applications that are available from 3rd party developers. As of this writing, applications for the BlackBerry Storm compared to the iphone are scarce. However, RIM (research in motion) announced in October 2008, the upcoming launch of BlackBerry Application Storefront and BlackBerry Application Center. The launch is scheduled for March 2009; the move is yet another step in competing with iPhone and its popular Apps Store.

The BlackBerry Storm Application StoreFront will include free applications as well as paid applications. Developers will share the revenue with the store on 80-20 percent plan. Comparing this to the iPhone, ITunes Apps Store keeps 30 percent and pays the developers 70 percent of the revenue. I think the higher cut that the developers will get from Blackberry will encourage them to lower their prices to the buyers; also it will be an incentive to attract more developers.

Some applications will be carrier customized that will offer a convenient catalog right on the BlackBerry device, where customers can browse and download the applications. They will also be able to pay for these applications conveniently with PayPal from their Blackberry Smartphone.

To keep up with the latest news regarding the launch of the BlackBerry Storm Application StoreFront, please visit this blog back or sign up at the Blackberry’s web Site.

I have seen and used some applications for the iPhone, my favorite so far is the Google voice search, where you speak your search words or phrase. What BlackBerry Storm Applications would you like to have available for your phone?. Please share your wish list in the comment section below.

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