Top 5 BlackBerry Storm Browser Tips

Thursday, December 4, 2008 ·

The BlackBerry Storm browser is designed to deliver on-the-go Internet service that can keep up with your busy life. A larger display that's also a touchscreen leads to a better web browsing experience.

The browser displays pages in an easy-to-read pane from which you can zoom in or out. You can use your fingers to navigate to areas off the screen that can't be seen at first, and links can be clicked by depressing the screen.
Holding the screen down reveals a toolbar that offers the choice of "Go To," Column View," "Cursor Mode," and zoom in or out.

Since the Blackberry Storm lacks Wi-Fi, you're limited to the speeds of Verizon's EV-DO network, which is fast enough for most purposes. Another browser discredit is the lack of support for sites like is supported, though.

Here are 5 quick browser tips I found to be useful:

1) Set your browser configuration to open the web pages in full mode instead of the Mobile Version. An example is, yahoo has both Mobile Version for smartphones and full version for Pc’s if you go to Browser>Menu Key>Options>Browser Configuration>Browser Identification> set it to Internet Explorer or FireFox. You will never see the Mobile version of a website anymore.

2) In the browser window, if you just tap the screen without pressing or clicking, it will hide or show the (Zoom - Column View – Pointer) buttons at bottom of the screen.

3) You can copy and paste by placing one finger at the beginning of the text you want to copy, and another finger at the end, and then copy the text to the clipboard.

4) To zoom in, double tap on the screen and you are in column mode. To zoom back out, simply hit the Back hardware button.

5) To pan the zoomed area of the screen simply touch the screen and slide your finger in any direction to pan around the page



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