Blackberry Storm Free Applications – StormSketch

Monday, February 23, 2009 ·

These days Free BlackBerry Storm Applications are becoming abundant rather than scares. Here is yet another free application for those who grow up with an Etch A Sketch as their favorite childhood toy. For those who do not know what an Etch A Sketch Is. It is a thick grey screen housed in a plastic red frame with two small rotating knobs on each side, the screen is filled with an aluminum powder that get displaced as you turn the left or the right knobs, hence creating a masterpiece drawing. stormsketchmedium.jpgThis new free blackberry storm application is the electronic version of the favorite toy. To start drawing just use your fingers on the screen to draw your masterpiece. When it’s time to erase and start over just shake your blackberry storm to clear the screen. This free blackberry storm application brought some nice childhood memories. for some this might sounds a silly application, especially if they never played with such a toy, however I guarantee you will get hooked to it if you try it once. Go ahead download the StormSketch And enjoy this free blackberry storm applications. 


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