BlackBerry Storm Paid Applications

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 ·

In my previous posts, Must Have Free BlackBerry Storm Applications and More BlackBerry Storm Free Applications, I experimented with few of the free applications available for my phone. In this post, I would like to tell you about some paid applications that I Installed and some that I am reviewing.

I always wanted to store and organize all my passwords and sensitive data into one place that was secure and easily accessible. On my Treo I had installed SplashID. I used it to store all my credit card information, user names and passwords for different web site logins, and account numbers and passwords for various membership organizations and financial institutions.  Although SplashID is available for the blackberry, it is not available for the Storm yet.

The alternative for me was Ascendo DataVault.

DataVault  is the most complete Critical Data Manager for the BlackBerry Storm. It has easily surpassed my previous applications I used on my Treo. It protects all private and personal data using a strong encryption algorithm and complex security features. You can organize the data by categories or types for easy access. You can customize the fonts, templates and data fields to your liking. The best part is that you can enter all your data on the PC with the included Desktop software and then transfer it to your device. You can download a trial copy and decide whether you like it or not. For me this  definitely ranks top in my must have blackberry storm paid applications list.


My second discovery in the paid blackberry Storm applications category is QuickLaunch by Nikkisoft. It  will create shortcuts to your most used applications on your device, so you can open and switch between them easily. QuickLaunch is designed exclusively for the BlackBerry Storm and it allows you to set shortcuts for a wide range of functions and QLaunchapplications.  You can assign one of the convenience keys to launch the application. When you press the assigned convenience key, a menu will pop up showing all the shortcuts you have created. You will never need to navigate through the folders and menus anymore to lunch a specific application or function; every single application will be available in one scrollable screen. You can create shortcuts for Favorite websites, frequently used Email addresses, music files, various applications and device information. I changed my camera convenience key to activate QuickLaunch, and let me tell you it enhanced the user interface 10 fold. It supercharged my device. In my opinion this should have been part of the BlackBerry’s OS, but I cannot complain because it is only $4.99, and now it is in position number 2 of the must have blackberry storm paid applications list.


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